The search for authenticity.

In business, growth can spark exciting transformation.

It can also cause confusion and disconnect—you risk losing touch with who you are. Your company’s new direction may no longer align with your existing brand.

But for clients, brand authenticity is everything.

Working from the inside out, we uncover your business's true value proposition and surpass the limits of your potential.

Who we are

Brandlucent is a strategic branding agency for B2B companies facing growth and transition. By bringing brand clarity, simplicity and focus, we help you take your business to the next level. Our approach to branding is strategic, collaborative and exploratory. We start with you, the owner: how you see your company and what holds true to your business brand. What are your key brand differentiators and strengths?

Brand Authentic Branding Agency

Our message is simple.
Building your brand is building your business.

When you define your authentic brand, everything else falls into place.

Your team can mobilize around a single purpose.

Decision-making will be clear-cut.

You’ll be poised to capture new markets and opportunities.

Most of all, your brand and vision will finally align.

Brand Identity Strategy Brand Identity Strategy

We work with a spirit of openness and collaboration

Our team values &

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